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The Tunjung Boutique Resort offers guests a wide range of activities to maintain their comfort during their stay at our resort. They can choose outdoor activities according to their wishes.

We provide a bunch of different offers that may be of interest to you. At our hotel, you will find any type of activities taking into account your wishes. There are tours, excursions, adventures, spa massage, surf lessons, yoga, and transportation service.

Swimming Pool

You can spend time actively by swimming in the pool that we provide. You can also enjoy a sunny day by laying down on our long chair beside of pool. Our pool Olympic style with clear water makes you more relaxed.

Spa Massage

We provide spa massage services in your room to rejuvenate your body and soul. This spa massage service is on call which can be ordered from our hotel and you will enjoy the on-site treatment.

Surf Lessons

Our hotel is located close to the famous surf spots that open for you to go surfing. You can book surf lessons at our hotel and enjoy your fantastic day.

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Guest Activities

The Tunjung Boutique Resort’s guests can easily carry out their daily activities during their stay at our resort. You can join in various kinds of outdoor activities including Yoga, Surfing, cycling, sightseeing, massage, and other adventures.

Surfing Lessons


Outdoor Activities

You can do outdoor activities of your choice while staying at The Tunjung Boutique Resort. Several choices of activities that you can enjoy include cycling, tours, massage on call, yoga on call, and various adventures.

Meanwhile, our friendly service will pamper each of our customers and make them feel at home while with us. It can be illustrated from the front office service, in the room to the restaurant with a Balinese smile. Meanwhile, each guest can determine their outdoor activities according to their wishes.

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