What to do in Canggu, and Why do Tourists Love it?

What to do in Canggu is a common question for tourists who want to vacation on the island of Bali. This question arises because many foreign tourists review the Canggu area as their favourite place to stay while in Bali. We have found many of these reviews on social media such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And in fact, many tourists also share their experiences of living in the Canggu area in their blogs. It raises many questions and invites others to investigate the area.

We have already acknowledged that the Canggu area is the most preferred area by tourists during their vacation on this paradise island. We can prove during the pandemic that this area is never quite like other tourist areas in Bali. Other tourist areas such as Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud, Lovina and even Kuta are quiet because no tourists live there. However, this is much different with Canggu. Canggu still has a life even in difficult times like the covid-19 pandemic.

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What did the Tourists do in Canggu?

The Canggu area has its charm for tourists. This tourist area is very strategically located in the sightseeing area with good and easy access everywhere. From the airport to Canggu it’s only 25 minutes, or from Seminyak, it’s only 5 minutes. Likewise, from Denpasar City, it is only 20 minutes. Meanwhile, other famous tourist attractions such as Tanah Lot, Taman Ayun and Sangeh Monkey Forest are only 15 minutes away. It is the advantage of this area as a place to live on the island of Bali. Next, what tourists do when they live in Canggu and the following are the reviews:


Hangout places in Canggu are widely available with various unique designs to invite guests to enjoy a relaxing time with their colleagues. Each hangout place offers comfort with a variety of snacks and drinks. In addition, the tropical air that surrounds the Canggu area makes tourists very comfortable living in this area.

canggu hangout place, hangout canggu


Canggu offers the best surf spots in Bali, from Berawa Beach, Batubolong, Echo Beach, to Pererenan Beach. In addition, every beach in the Canggu area has a different wave character and all types of surfers like it. For beginner surfers, Batubolong Beach is the right place of choice. Likewise, many surf schools are available with professional surf guides. One of the goals of tourists coming to Bali is to enjoy surfing activities. For that, the right area for them to live in is Canggu. No wonder if we pass through this area, we will find foreign tourists are riding motorbikes while holding a surfboard.

canggu surf, canggu surf point


For tourists who have a long vacation and want to relax on the beach while enjoying the stunning views of the Indian Ocean, then the Canggu area is the best place for them to stay. The beaches in this area have amazing views, especially in the afternoon, you can enjoy a spectacular sunset. So the Canggu area is a warm and interesting tourist area.


Although the Canggu area does not have as many shopping places as other areas in Bali, this area continues to grow. Art shops and boutique shops are already available in this area and offer interesting items to take home.

canggu shopping places, canggu shops


This activity is part of the destination for tourists to come to the Canggu area. Many restaurants are available in this area, offering a variety of cuisines. The main thing about eating places in this area is that the prices are very low and affordable. However, the taste is unquestionable with international tastes. One restaurant that has become a favourite place to dine in is our restaurant, Warung Puri Boga. We offer a variety of menus with delicious flavours. You also get a variety of menu options according to your taste. The taste is good with the local price.

dinning in canggu, canggu restaurants

Finding Affordable Hotels

The Canggu area is a developing tourist area. Many hotels and villas provide accommodation with various classes to accommodate all levels of travellers. A private villa is a right choice For those who prioritize luxury, a private environment with personal service. On the other hand, a low budget hotel is a right choice for those with an affordable budget. We can take a sample of our hotel, The Tunjung Boutique Resort. Our hotel’s location in Tumbak Bayuh and very close to the beach, offers 21 elegant guest rooms. Public facilities such as a swimming pool, free Wi-fi and a restaurant are also available. So, organizing your holiday in Bali is not difficult. Don’t hesitate to contact us to book accommodation or accommodation packages with airport pick-up.

School Holidays Arrived, Bali Ready?

This year’s school holidays have started, even though the school does not distribute the school reports or diplomas. It has had an impact on tourist visits to Bali. We can see this from the increasing number of tourist visits to Bali, especially domestic tourists. We predict that domestic tourist visits will increase considerably after distributing report cards and diplomas. It is because all family members are ready for a vacation. The island of Bali is one of the favorite places for family vacations. Bali is very friendly with children and families. In addition, Bali has complete tourism facilities with fascinating tourist attractions. Likewise, the locations of tourist attractions are very close to one another.

How about Bali’s readiness to welcome tourist arrivals after more than two years of absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Indeed, Bali is ready because this paradise island has been preparing for a long time. Even though tourism is poor during a pandemic, the maintenance of facilities and human resources continues to run well. So, there is no need to doubt that Bali is ready to receive tourist arrivals.

Increase in Foreign Tourists

The increase in tourist visits is not only dominated by domestic tourists. Foreign tourist arrivals have increased. Moreover, July to September is the holiday season in their country. It will undoubtedly have an impact on tourist visits to Bali. PT. Bewish International Tour, one of the travel companies in Bali, shows that booking tour packages have started to appear. Even group travelers also order vacation packages on this island of the gods.

I Nyoman Sukarba (General Manager of PT. Bewish International Tour) said that foreign tourist arrivals are predicted to increase in July, August, and September. Booking tour packages and airline tickets have started to appear. Meanwhile, they have started booking hotels for accommodation. Their favorite hotel locations are still, as usual, namely Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur, and Ubud. Meanwhile, this tourist visit has an increasing impact on other regions, too, in line with the progress of tourism development, he emphasized.

Mr. I Noman Sukarba (second from the right)

Hotel Readiness to Receive Tourist Visits in Anticipation of School Holidays

The current condition of the hotel is not 100% ready. Bali has experienced difficult times for more than two years, which resulted in the closure of public facilities, including hotels and restaurants. Many hotels and restaurants choose to close their operations to save costs. So, this can have an impact on the condition of the facility. Many companies have closed until now due to bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, several hotels are ready to receive tourist visits even though they are in a condition of 50%. Because some of the hotel facilities are in a damaged condition or in the process of being renovated. On the other hand, new hotels are also available in 2022 to receive tourists. Like our hotel, The Tunjung Boutique Resort is a new hotel in the Canggu area offering 21 elegant guest rooms. Meanwhile, our hotel’s location is very strategic in the sightseeing area and easy to go everywhere. Likewise, we offer very reasonable and affordable room rates.

Bali Tourism Return to Normal

Bali tourism has proven to be back to normal with tourist arrivals increasing. We can see this development from tourist visits to Bali’s International Airport to tourist attractions. Domestic tourist visits to this paradise island still dominate. It is because the school holiday season has started. Likewise, foreign tourist visits continue to increase with the addition of the number of direct flights to Bali. It is, of course, very influential with business activities on the island of the gods, which were previously very sluggish. All business in Bali comes from tourism. So, this is the motor of Bali’s economic movement.

The Tunjung Boutique Resort editor once wrote about tourism developments after the COVID-19 pandemic in Bali. The editor has written that Bali tourism will soon return to normal. Today, we can see the situation of tourism development in several areas in Bali. The increase in tourist arrivals has far increased from before. Likewise, hotel room occupancy increases and will be full in the next few months.

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Monitoring Tourist Visits at Tourist Places

The current development of Bali tourism also impacts tourist visits to tourist attractions. Foreign and domestic tourists have started to crowd the tourist spots. The editor’s monitoring of tourist visits has shown that Bali tourism has shown positive developments. The following is a monitoring of tourist visits to several well-known tourist attractions in Bali as a barometer of tourism development on this paradise island.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a favourite beach in Bali, with white sand stretching 5 kilometres from the Tuban area to Seminyak. This beach has become a tourist attraction for foreign and domestic tourists. This beach offers natural charm with good waves for surfing and stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Also, tourists can swim on the beach and relax while enjoying the sunset. Currently, tourist visits to this beach are already crowded. Visits of foreign and domestic tourists continue to increase every day. It has impacted the economy of the Kuta area, which is famous for its complete tourist attractions ranging from hotels, restaurants, bars, and art shops to nightclubs.

kuta beach

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is one of the famous tourist attractions in the western part of the island of Bali. This place offers a beautiful natural charm with a spectacular sunset. Tourist visits to Tanah Lot have increased rapidly. Currently, tourist visits are 5000 every day. It is much different from the previous situation where the tourist visits were less than 1000 per day. So, this has shown a fantastic improvement.

tanah lot

Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul

In line with the increase in tourist visits to Bali, the Ulun Danu Beratan tourist attraction also increased tourist visits. We can monitor tourists visiting tourist attractions with a temple above this lake. Currently, tourists are booming to visit this place. It is very much different from the previous condition. However, tourist visits are still dominated by domestic tourists.


Canggu is a newly developed tourist area on the island of the gods. This area is the only area in Bali that is never empty of tourists, even during the pandemic. Other tourist attractions in Bali have been quiet during the pandemic. But this is very different with Canggu. Canggu is a favourite area for tourists, especially foreign tourists. This place is also the area where The Tunjung Boutique Resort is located. Canggu has advantages that other places don’t have.

canggu bali, 10 reasons canggu favorite place to stay, place to stay in bali

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MotoGP Mandalika Lombok Effect, 500 Hotel Rooms in Bali Already Booked

MotoGP Mandalika Lombok is officially named the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia, has had an extraordinary effect. Especially for Bali, we can see this effect from increasing hotel room reservations. So far, 500 hotel rooms, especially in the eastern part of Bali, have been booked. This is certainly good news for tourism on this paradise island.

The chairman of the Karangasem Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association, I Wayan Kariasa, said that he had received reservations for 500 hotel rooms. There are several room reservations for star hotels and non-star hotels. All of these hotels are located in the Pandangbai and Candidasa areas. Meanwhile, MotoGP Mandalika viewers have booked room packages with a price range of IDR 4 million.

He said the price of the package depended on the travel agent. However, hotel bookings are still tentative or not final. “This means that there has been no final confirmation and the travel agent has handled all these efforts. Maybe the final is about a week before MotoGP starts,” he said.

How About the MotoGP Mandalika Lombok Effect to the Hotels in Other Areas in Bali?

Until now, there has been no confirmation from the authorities regarding hotel room reservations outside the Karangasem area. As we know that most hotels are in the Nusa Dua, Kuta, Sanur, Ubud and Canggu areas. However, there have been no hotel room reservations in this area due to the effects of the MotoGP Mandalika Lombok.

Meanwhile, the condition of hotels in other areas of Bali is still quiet. Many hotel rooms are still empty or available. This is because Bali tourism has not recovered 100 percent as usual since the coronavirus spread in Indonesia. Although currently, the government has opened direct flights to Bali such as Garuda Indonesia Flight from Narita – Denpasar since February 3, 2022. Similarly, Singapore Airline will open direct flights to Singapore – Denpasar starting on February 16, 2022.

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How to Access to MotoGP Mandalika Lombok from Bali?

The Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) with the general chairman, Bambang Soesatyo, said that he would join the success of this MotoGP event. This organization will provide 2 cruise ships to transport MotoGP viewers from Bali to Lombok vice versa. Meanwhile, the routes for these ships are Padang Bai Port – Pelindo Gili Mas Port.

The cruise ship is Ro-Ro Premium, KMP Dharma Kencana VIII, as floating accommodation like Cruise Ships. This ship can accommodate 600 passengers. Also, the ship had been a floating accommodation for a month at the XX PON event in Papua.

The second ship is a fast boat that provides daily Bali – Lombok shipping services. This fast boat can take MotoGP spectators from Bali to Mandalika vice versa. Meanwhile, the fast boat route is also the same, namely Padang Bai Harbor, Bali to Gili Mas Harbor, Lombok. This trip using a fast boat will take about 80 – 90 minutes.

Ro-Ro Premium, KMP Dharma Kencana VIII

Hotels in Canggu Area are Ready to Book.

Hotels in the Canggu area of Bali are ready to book to support this event. We can say that one of the famous hotels is The Tunjung Boutique Resort in the Canggu area. A new hotel which just opened this year offers 21 elegant rooms. Also, access to Padang Bai Harbor is very smooth, about 1.5 hours.

Meanwhile, the reason for choosing the hotels in the Canggu area is making tourists enjoy holidays in Bali enjoyable and also able to watch MotoGP. The Canggu area is very famous for its exotic beaches, hit tourist spots, and being close to other tourist attractions.

For that, please contact the team from The Tunjung Boutique Resort via email info@tunjungboutiqueresort.com  or WhatsApp +62-81246645640

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Awakening Bali Tourism since the Pandemic

Awakening Bali tourism was marked by the opening of direct international flights to Bali. This has made the Balinese very happy because it will improve their economy. Bali Rise, Tourism Rise This is the hope of the Balinese, most of who work in the tourism sector. They are tired of dealing with like this situations because the tourism business has been sluggish for years. And in fact, many companies are closing and repatriating their employees.

The opening of direct flights to Bali is one of the steps from the Indonesian government to revive Bali tourism which is almost dead. The flight that has opened a direct route to Bali is Garuda Indonesia with the Narita – Denpasar route starting on February 3, 2022. Meanwhile, the Singapore airline also plans to reopen Singapore – Bali flights starting on February 16, 2022. Of course, this will greatly affect tourism in Bali and give a lot of hope to the Balinese people.

The First Japanese Guest Has Arrived in Bali

When Garuda airline first landed at Denpasar Airport from Narita, Japanese tourists were seen leaving the airport door. This is the first Japanese tourist to arrive on the island of the gods since the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia. The Balinese and local officials were very happy to welcome these tourists and they immediately underwent quarantine at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Nusa Dua.

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The arrival of Japanese tourists in Bali is a green light for awakening Bali tourism. This is a positive development for Bali’s economic revival after it slumped 2 years ago. However, the government and Balinese people remain vigilant over the spread of the Coronavirus, especially the Omicron variant. Meanwhile, the government has emphasized that the Balinese people must discipline in implementing health protocols to prevent the spread of this virus.

Similarly, almost all Balinese have got twice of vaccine to increase immunity from this virus. And even now, the Balinese people are undergoing the third vaccination process (vaccination booster) to protect Balinese people from virus attacks.

The Rise of Tourism Will Revive Bali’s Economy

We cannot deny that Bali is very dependent on the tourism sector. The revival of tourism will boost Bali’s economy. Currently, hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, and other tourist attractions have begun to take steps. This will certainly call back their staffs that have been home since they closed their business.

Of course, this will bring Bali back to life, especially in the tourism sector. Previously, most of the tourism businesses in Bali fell and closed due to the pandemic. Almost all the guests disappeared in an instant when the first cases of covid-19 appeared in China. This continued for 2 years and made Bali’s economy drop drastically. We hope that the world situation, especially in Bali, will be better than before. So, we do not hesitate to serve our guests and customers in the future.